Zoloft Birth Defects

by anthony on August 13, 2012 2 Comments

One of the scariest times of my life is when I gave birth to my beautiful little girl after spending years taking a prescription drug such as Zoloft. I began taking Zoloft about two years before I got pregnant to treat my depression and anxiety disorders. It was not long after that I was pregnant before I found out about all of the zoloft birth defects that this antidepressant could cause to my child.

However, I was still thinking that if my doctor prescribed it to me, it must be healthy. I started to do my own research and I found out that anything that one of the things that could have a major impact on the development of my child included drugs in general. I found that some of the birth defects associated with this drug included anal atresia, septal heart defects, omphalocele and Zoloft limb defects.

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